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Embrace(抱擁) and kiss 与太郎 - 2007/02/18(Sun) 10:50 No.131

The day before yesterday I saw rare event. Metro Ginza station about 7.30
young man and young woman embrace each other and kiss with fascination(うっとりした状態で).
Because commuter hours I and around people almost don’ care that event.
But in Japan that is rare event. That event may become
“the influence of the West upon Japan”.(” “は日本に対する西洋の影響・・・辞書丸写し!) That’s good custom for YOUNG PEAPLE.
Re: Embrace(抱擁) and kiss はなまち - 2007/02/18(Sun) 11:19 No.132

Why don’t you do same way like those young couple?
Try like Tabichan; it must be fabulous feeling, isn’t it?
I’d like to do them.
It’s amazing sample.

Re: Embrace(抱擁) and kiss 与太郎 - 2007/02/18(Sun) 13:37 No.133

>Why don’t you do same way like those young couple?
Of course I have no partner, indeed I can’t ask Ms Maki.
I have some another female friend , but I am not on intimate terms with her.
Re: Embrace(抱擁) and kiss はなまち - 2007/02/18(Sun) 14:01 No.134

I guess Yata-san must have an intimate knowledge of secret affairs.
Re: Embrace(抱擁) and kiss Kay - 2007/02/21(Wed) 09:14 No.138

In Singapore, recently a hot debate was on the newspaper about such incident. It is called PDA, Public Display of Affection. As long as just hugging and kissing lightly, it is accepted but more than that like deep kissing and hands groping around..... it is embarrassing. Maybe I am old fashioned....
Re: Embrace(抱擁) and kiss たびちゃん - 2007/02/25(Sun) 17:58 No.145

I will do it off course on the road,on the station,if ligth tach,not hegitate,even if in the train,i think no problem.
in paris for example , paris festival midnigth,some times on the naroow street some couple doing real fucking in standing situation.
latin caluture like this and I like it.german culture not like this,so some couple marigaed with latin and german,man complain so much ,because wife is so much shy.
japanese seems german people,not latin people,but to enjoy life is very important so Yota san must do so, i think. life with rose and wine,is important.
Re: Embrace(抱擁) and kiss 与太郎 - 2007/02/25(Sun) 23:03 No.146

>but to enjoy life is very important so Yota san must do so,
Yes I am enjoing to my life, therefore I have not already plenty time for yours.
But I can not same behavior latin people.
For example, doing real fucking in standing situation, even in bedroom
now a day I can’t do it.
Re: Embrace(抱擁) and kiss Kay - 2007/02/26(Mon) 11:04 No.148

Yes, I have seen in Paris, the couple actually doing it! That, I don't think I can ever do!!!!

Tabichan, can you do that? I can kiss, embrace, light petting maybe.... not more than that in public.
Re: Embrace(抱擁) and kiss たびちゃん - 2007/02/26(Mon) 11:31 No.149

real fucking,i think i cannot in public,same as you.
even if so much love with someone.
now in paris long kiss for example for 10 minutes in one time,it seems trend fashion.
like this way i can try .anyway french people very tecnical in kissing,famous kissing photo and post card so many in shops,want to be same as them.
japanese peoples kiss not beautiful.

Re: Embrace(抱擁) and kiss Kay - 2007/02/26(Mon) 22:48 No.151

Yes, I can agree with you fully about Japanese people kissing is not nice to look at... Even in movies, Japanese can not kiss! But at the same time, kissing for 10 minutes???? that seems too long for sure. Ys, French people are good kissers for sure.

免許証更新 Kay - 2007/02/15(Thu) 01:23 No.126

Today I went to next larger town called Ooty to renew my Indian driving lisence. I have Hong Kong driving license and International license so no need to have Indian license but this I keep it as an easy to carry identification card. I don't like to carry my passport always, so this is the best way. Maybe this is 7th renewal here.

Last night party was fun. Total 8 poeple including me, we drank a lot and ate a lot. It was lovely to get together with dear friends and share happy moments.
Re: 免許証更新 たびちゃん - 2007/02/15(Thu) 18:55 No.127

Oh,its nice!!!!!
wine is domestic or international one??
I drink domestic Sake made by rice in nepal,sometimes very strong,so easy will be drunker.
and not customed in nepal derink wine,so many people change their charactor in final,so sometimes tired after party.
Re: 免許証更新 はなまち - 2007/02/16(Fri) 23:40 No.129

What kind of sake in Nepal?
Is it something like Shochu or Japanese sake?
Re: 免許証更新 たびちゃん - 2007/02/19(Mon) 22:34 No.135

its seems like a japanese sake ,but very strong,made by hand,so same doburoku.
Re: 免許証更新 はなまち - 2007/02/19(Mon) 23:07 No.136

Souds great!
It must be good!
Re: 免許証更新 Kay - 2007/02/21(Wed) 09:11 No.137

There are many good domestic wines in India nowadays. But I opend French Red and German White wine for the party. Our friends in India are mostly good drinkers remnant of British Raj time. So mainly scotch drinkers, gin and rum drinkers. Younger people likes Vodka nowadays.....

Home made sake??? Is it easy to make? Please do teach me, I will try one day!

Since return to Singapore, still now able to get back to normal life... Yesterday my husband went to Manila on business, so hoping I can get back to normal while he is away.....
Re: 免許証更新 たびちゃん - 2007/02/25(Sun) 17:21 No.143

i think its easy to make sake in home,but for longtime it's prohibited to do so,so almost japanese forgot how to make,but maybe Hana san know it,i think.
if LIqur more easy to make,just put everuthing in syocyu and just wait till growing up the girl.
some times kiwi,peach,onion,water melon,almost all can match for them and delicious.

Movies "Letters from Iwojima" & "Dreamgirls" Kay - 2007/02/25(Sun) 11:12 No.142

I saw Letters from Iwojima the other day and yesterday after my husband came back from Manila, we went for "Dreamgirls". Both movies were very good. Iwojima was a real Japanese movie and I was wondering how Clint Eastwood directed this movie. Surprisingly most of the audience was young Singaporean men. I guess over here stll boys have to do military service for 2 years without choice so they can understand the meaning of hardship in army.

Dreamgirls was a fantastic musical movie, especially Jeneffer Hudson outshined others. I had watched her during her tryst of American Idols contenst and was sad she was booted out.... But she has risen again as a very good actress and singer!

Once upon a time はなまち - 2007/02/03(Sat) 20:18 No.78

There was a so diligent man who worked in a very busy factory.
He got on a train of Marunouchi-sen.
He was quite shy and could not speak in front of girls.
He got on in the morning same train, same car.
His only pleasure was, to see a girl.
She was an elegant and pretty girl who went to a famous high school.

His only pleasure was to see that girl.

はなまち たびちゃん、つづきよろしゅうに。

he was falling in love step by step,but she is just high school girl.
love is sometimes such mismatched,but if waiting for 4 yeras ,everything go well,he thougth.
so everyday he continue to use same train,but someday suddenly he cannot catch up her.


One morning, he could not find her and then also following days.......
He cold not find her more than one week.
He missed her very much and started tp lose his diligent and pure mind.
In the Institute, his duty was to check the size of metal parts with a micro meter.
One day, his chief called him and asked why his data was mistaken a lot.

one month later,he suddenly met her in shibuya station,but with her boyfriend,maybe,
young and fresh boy more than him.off couse she dont remember him,so in train, stand by them and heard the todays situation.
she already graduated high school and now go to university,so change the train which she used.
the boy who go to same univ and already started 2 weeks after they met.
his heart was broken in that moment and more storm came up and in that moment and more storm came up and cannot sleep in deep.


his heart was broken in that moment and more storm came up and in that moment and more storm came up and cannot sleep in deep.

In that train, he saw her. Her hair style was changed.
Now , she got the smell of adult woman.
The feeling stimulated him a lot.
At a only glance of her shadow, he suddenly insert his palms into his pockets.
> > 続き、よろしく。

The day he did not go to company and follow them on hole day.
The university stand on the little hills and in the dark green trees.

Front of the gate of university, there is the coffee shop then he have been waiting for just her shadow for long time, about 8 hours..
In such long time, he just drunk 5 coffees and heard music and read 3 news papers.

He is not himself, the another person came up in his inside.
Big storm on hole time waving .could not see anything.


In final he found up her house, after long effort.
About 10 minutes far from his house, but not so much far.
He also have been looking her houses till her rooms light closed.

In mid night, he was thinking a lots, and decided that he will stop company next year.

And again will go to university.

Re: Once upon a time はなまち - 2007/02/03(Sat) 20:26 No.79

He decided to study for the entrance examination.
He went to a big book store and bought a lot of books for the examination.
And he went to a famous preparatory school called "Yozemi".
His future must be shining at that time.
Re: Once upon a time  - 2007/02/04(Sun) 00:31 No.83

He had a dream to study history of middle east,but his parents insisted to enter big company ,because it is safety way to live.
Why that is a best way to live in japan?
Long time he doubted but finally followed their parents opinion.

Now he started new aim that is to enter university and live another way,so everyday enjoynable ,but hard.one side go to company, the other side he go to school in night.
But he must stock money for university and studying .


Nest year ,he did success to enter university where she also go.
His subject is history, her subject is business.
He already will be 25 years old ,she is still 19 years old.
Distance between he and she is 6 years.

One day he met her in restrant of univ and said hallo to her. with smiling with spaghetti .
she also said hello to him with kitsune udon, because she also knew he is same univ student now.
He is poor ,but very enagistic because of dream to be professor of univ.

Re: Once upon a time はなまち - 2007/02/04(Sun) 12:05 No.84

In order to study foreign history, it is important to learn many languages.
Middle east, there were and are many races and languages in that area.
He tried to learn English, French, German, Latin, Ancient Greak, Hebrew, Coptic,Hieroglyph, Persian, Russian
and Arabic.
His daily order, in the morning, he read Koran in Arabic, in the afternoon, he read Old Testment in
He always said monotheism was dificult and strange logic.
To believe in God, it's the first logic for the Muslims, christians, Jews.
Re: Once upon a time はなまち - 2007/02/04(Sun) 18:19 No.85

One morning, he was walking in the campus.
A new melody, he heard.
It was the first experience for him to listen folk melody.
She played guitar and sang.
It was really folk song.
Revolution happened in his brain.
To believe in, it's nonsence, he felt.
After a short while, he was sitting in front of her guitar.
She screamed "Yotaro, shall we sing?".
Re: Once upon a time たびちゃん - 2007/02/05(Mon) 02:13 No.87

he hesitated to dance with her,but with brave mind, he finally danced with her.
hand by hand, she teached the dance,and tachedng her skin increase the numbers of breeze of him.

she said,

--I cant bekieve you learning 10 languages now!!!!! so cool!!! you are crazy!!!! so nice!!!!!
his face would be red skin and he said

--not so much matters for me,because i must be proffesor of univ,sure.
--oh nice dream,such a nice dream never heard from other boyfriend,Yotaro have girlfriend??
--no, any girlfriend,I have not.
--so how about one nigth go to movie with me? whats kind of movie ,you like?
--everything ok,if with you,sure.


in the movie place,he shaked her hand ,feel so nice,and so soft and so warm.
movie name is KURAMA TENGU palyed by arashi kanjyuro.
two youngs, saw nothing at all, shaked hand and was taching each knees ,that's enogth for them.

Re: Once upon a time はなまち - 2007/02/05(Mon) 17:24 No.88

At the one certain fighting scene, they suddenly stared at the screen.
There, they could see the act of Arashi Kanjuro's martial art.
Marvelous scene, that was.
The goblin, lived in the deep Kurama Mountains, put on one tooth "Geta".
The goblin drew his sword and flourished. Enemies also did. Their swords clashed.
The goblin’s skill was extremely beautiful and won all the enemies.
The swordsmanship was splendid.
During the so called chambara scene, they were in trance.
The end of that scene, he suddenly came to himself.
Yotaro’s palm was moved to warm, soft, smooth and humid place, the found.

Re: Once upon a time はなまち - 2007/02/05(Mon) 23:06 No.89

He stared at her.
Her eye was lost her forcus.
He put ohis arm on her shoulder, next moment, she fall down on his knee.
He lost his mind.
Heart beated powerfully and constantly.
Over heated heart was almost broken.
At that time, he first recognized "In the begining God created the heaven and the earth".

He always said it is strange the phrase of"Believe in God".
From that time, he recognized the phrase.
Re: Once upon a time tabicyan - 2007/02/06(Tue) 22:28 No.91

why need adam and eve both,he now recognized.


2 years later,he is very excellent in test examination,so got scolorship from country,meens easy controle his student's life,so everyday study history and languages except love time with her.
She also like studying business,and 3 years already passed .step by step,she must looking for job.

her parents also like him very much bacuase of his charactor,honest and enegestic and strong will in studying.
Re: Once upon a time はなまち - 2007/02/07(Wed) 12:58 No.92

At that time, there was some discriminatin between male and female on business.
She visited many major companies and found there were no position except for tea service.
She thought nonsence but it was really fact.

One day, she visited a Investment Bank.
Its HQ was in Cayman.
Re: Once upon a time たびちゃん - 2007/02/12(Mon) 20:11 No.112

the comapny offer nice position to her,if she stay there and work.
she think about so much the offer,in that time working abroad not so much populor,and one time she ask to him how he think about this offer.
Yota suprised and feel sorry,worry about her.
he must stay in japan ,so cannot meet fruquently.so he ask to her,please find up the company in japan.

one month later she said to him that i would go to caiman iland.
Re: Once upon a time はなまち - 2007/02/12(Mon) 22:33 No.113

The investment bank’s offer was excellent.
Their offer was fist one year; she should study in a Boston College.
She should study finance and economics.
After she graduates that college, she should go to the HQ in Cayman.
Three months, she should stay that small island.
Her duty, it was to go to many developing countries in order to study and check the market environment.
If her report is very good, the company provides a lot of bonus.
Re: Once upon a time たびちゃん - 2007/02/14(Wed) 03:04 No.122

then she decided at final,to enter this company and told to Yotasan.
Yotasan ,in mid nigth,in Futon bed,did tear so much,he cannot think about a life without her.
he decided to offer mariage with her before she will start to abroad.
that is first serious decision for him ,done by himself.sometimes his life was decided by parents,sometimes by teachers.now he will be real man.


in tokyo tower,he asked to her to shut eye and kiss her eye,and offered mariage.
she said <yes > with so cute smiling.
Re: Once upon a time はなまち - 2007/02/16(Fri) 23:39 No.128

Yota-san was thinking all night about his carrer.
Next mornig, he decided to go his professor's.
He was in the professor's room and explained his situation.
The professor said "Congratulations!”

The professor provided a plan that Yata should go to a University located in Florida.
Re: Once upon a time はなまち - 2007/02/17(Sat) 11:29 No.130

The plan to go to Florida was very good because the state began to develop about that time.
US lost Cuba and experienced Cuba crises.
Disney developed their amusement park in Florida.
Florida began to grow.

The professor wrote an introduction letter to one certain University in Florida.
Yotaro is good at classical languages and study a lot about the Middle East’s history.
From Florida, it is easy to go Cayman Islands.

アメリカの繁栄の陰で カルロス - 2007/02/13(Tue) 23:25 <URL> No.121

I found the New York Daily News' article "8,000 city workers rely on food stamps."
Actually the city was bankrupted scores of years ago.
Is this Japan's future or NOT?
Re: アメリカの繁栄の陰で はなまち - 2007/02/14(Wed) 12:52 No.123

You and I are no longer young.
And so, young people must think that we are the symbol of the conservative and the barrier to improvement.
So, we should be flexible and do something in order to remove barriers against for the young generation
You are very good at explaining complex phenomenon by easy sentences.
In this world, there are a lot of unsolvable phenomena, but we need some attitude to solve one of them.
The one thing we can try must be so small, but, if we try, we will find some solutions.
For instance, past, present and future, I myself write some diary how I struggle against some complicated situations.
I hope you pick up important articles in the foreign newspapers and explain easily.
Sorry for impudence.
Re: アメリカの繁栄の陰で カルロス - 2007/02/14(Wed) 21:47 <URL> No.124

I will try to make a column with a quotation from this article.
Maybe I can do within several monthes.
Re: アメリカの繁栄の陰で はなまち - 2007/02/14(Wed) 23:48 No.125

I hope your column because it is easy to read but has big value.

Today, I'm tired.
Just I came back home, the telephone rang.
One of my cousin in law died this evening and then visited his house.

Misedashi はなまち - 2007/02/07(Wed) 23:49 No.93

Yesterday, I went to a tea house in Pontocho.
I saw a new Maiko girl.
It was the second day for her as a maiko.
She is 16 years old and very beautiful.
Don't you like to go to see maiko girl?
Re: Misedashi 与太郎 - 2007/02/08(Thu) 06:30 No.94

I think, Maiko girl is a parson of another world.
At least in Tokyo absolutely zero Maiko, even Geisha I can’t see.
I like almost bareness girl at summer than dress up girl.
Re: Misedashi はなまち - 2007/02/08(Thu) 16:51 No.95

No one took me Shinbasi, Akasaka, and Kagurasaka's Ryotei House.
So I have no experience to see Tokyo's Geisha girls.
About ten years ago, there were a beautiful Maiko whose mother was an Akasaka Geisha.
Her mother managed a club in Roppongi, and now, she retired Maiko and is the madam of that club.

It is interesting to join the maiko and geiko party.

Re: Misedashi たびちゃん - 2007/02/12(Mon) 20:03 No.110

yes,just one time,maybe so fantastic,I think,if posible one time want to go there.
my friend's father is the palyer of Shamisen,so 400days in a year,he stay at geisha house,dressing with Kimono.
my freind complain that the geisha lover of father pass the bill to him,and he pay for father.
i think so nice for them,off course he like his father so much.
Re: Misedashi はなまち - 2007/02/12(Mon) 22:40 No.114

Male Shamisen player?
I cannot find male players in Kyoto Hanamachi.
Maikos and Geiko's logic is quite out of commonsense.

Tabichan is quite rich, so, don't hesitate join Maiko and Geiko party.
Re: Misedashi 与太郎 - 2007/02/12(Mon) 23:21 No.115

Male Shamisen player is very wonderful becouse male player sing by moist voice
at clasic Japanese musik "JIUTA".
Re: Misedashi たびちゃん - 2007/02/13(Tue) 17:23 No.117

it's missleading,he is teacher of Shamisen,teach to many beautiful geisyas.
nice job,I think.

if go to geisya party,i think more better with Yotasan.
want to see how yotasan do.
don't me hanamachi??
Re: Misedashi はなまち - 2007/02/13(Tue) 17:47 No.118

The game called Watounai is interesting.
There are Kiyomasa, an old woman and a tiger on the stage of the Tea house.
Kiyomasa is strong samurai can win a tiger, but he cannot face an old woman.
An old woman is weak and easily eaten by a tiger.
This game is played on the stage with geiko.
I wish to see Yotasan plays this game.
Re: Misedashi はなまち - 2007/02/13(Tue) 22:28 No.120

The male Shamisen player is a teacher for Geishas, you mean, I realized.
We call a geiko who plays shamisen a Jikata and a geiko who dances a Tachikata.

It is a miracle space for men to join geiko party.
It is a place where nobody dared to go.
They call it Xanadu.
How about Yota-san!


Shiozuke はなまち - 2007/02/08(Thu) 17:15 No.96

Shiozuke, it is one of the business terms.
Its origin is interesting because the word is used in the area of Yoshiwara.
Yoshiwara was famous so called red light district.
And there were many securities firm in Kabutocho.
Kabutocho and Yoshiwara are not so far, and many people who worked in Kabutocho visited Yoshiwara red light district.

to be continued....................
Re: Shiozuke はなまち - 2007/02/13(Tue) 22:20 No.119

This story should be Shiozuke.

I am back home on Hills Kay - 2007/02/12(Mon) 01:05 No.107

I came back from Mysore yesterday afternoon safe and sound. Many friends told me not to return due to inpending General strike called in Karnataka State over the decision of allocation of Cauvery Rever water for irrigation purpose to 5 states. Anyway I am back home and in Taminadu state, life is as usual with eagy pace of life.

I am just recovering from the fatigue of traveling and will get on with this BBS properly tomorrow. Sorry for poor response. Bear with me for a while.
Re: I am back home on Hills はなまち - 2007/02/12(Mon) 12:08 No.109

Take care!

And tell me what does it mean "with eagy pace of life"?
Re: I am back home on Hills Kay - 2007/02/13(Tue) 02:55 No.116

Sorry it was mistyped. easy pace is correct.

I am having dinner party for 7 tomorrow. Since I came back, most of the days I am invited to lunches and dinners and hardly cooked at home. So just to reciprocate their hospitality, I am throwing party tomorrow at my home. Most of my friends love to eat Japanese or Chinse food at my place, so am going to make soley Japanse/Chinese tomorrow.



春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 与太郎 - 2007/02/10(Sat) 13:36 No.97

  Once upon a time Candies that is Ranchan,Suchan,Mikichan singed said song.
If write by English “spring isn’t it?”
Anyway, English expression different to Japanese expression.
Also said subject have to write Japanese “春で〜〜すね〜〜〜“.
Spring is coming, many mole(土竜:モグラ)activity move and make little heap up(盛り上がり) earth.

Re: 春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 はなまち - 2007/02/10(Sat) 18:34 No.98

Candies were very cute at that time.
But nowadays, they are all madams, so I and Yota-san are also "ossan".

Spring, the word sounds something like bright future.
Re: 春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 たびちゃん - 2007/02/10(Sat) 22:15 No.99

yes,sounds nice.
ossan ,sounds bad.
madam, i don't know how to sound?
how about Yota-san??
Re: 春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 与太郎 - 2007/02/11(Sun) 10:12 No.100

The ward Madame feels elegance female or intellectual female that is said
"LADY”, Kay-san and Maki-san for example.
I feel even the women of my dreams her knowledge..

But, “obasan” and”oban” feel casual female for example environmental woman.
I can’t feel almost my dreams.
Re: 春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 はなまち - 2007/02/11(Sun) 19:31 No.101

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Re: 春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 はなまち - 2007/02/11(Sun) 22:28 No.102

Robert Browning (1812-1889)

The year's at the spring
And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven;
The hillside's dew-pearled;
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn:
God's in His heaven-;
All's right with the world!


 蝸 牛 枝に這ひ、


The word "spring" makes me a poet.
I,myself,don't have enough sence to wisper poem but remember Robert's.
Re: 春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 与太郎 - 2007/02/11(Sun) 23:24 No.103

The year's at the spring 時は春、 :The year is at the spring かな。
そうするとat はどういう意味だろう。

The hillside's dew-pearled;  hillsaideは丘の中腹という意味のようだが片岡とは

Re: 春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 はなまち - 2007/02/11(Sun) 23:39 No.104

Ueda Bin was one of the genius of our history.
He translated a lot of European poems into beautiful Japanese.
At that time, there was no general idea about rhime in Japan.
He tried to translate into 7 and 5 sillable tone.
He built new poetry style.

The meaning, it is quite difficult, I, also, think.
There's no textbook about Browning, now.
Re: 春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 はなまち - 2007/02/11(Sun) 23:54 No.105


Re: 春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 与太郎 - 2007/02/12(Mon) 00:07 No.106

 「The year's at the spring 時は春」なんて、仮に文法的に分かっていても、


 Sory, I can't write english above sentence.
Re: 春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 はなまち - 2007/02/12(Mon) 12:05 No.108

At that time he translated these poems, he was only 32 years old.
Nowadays, there are so many people who can speak English very well, but it is difficult to find excellent speakers and writers.
During Meiji era, there were a lot of excellent translators and writers because they learned classical Chinese literature.
Japanese education system was destroyed by GHQ post World War 2.
Re: 春で〜〜すね〜〜〜 たびちゃん - 2007/02/12(Mon) 20:06 No.111

I think Bin Ueda nice boy,because of my ages,but todays young people maybe cannot understand,because of hearing todays songs.
poem is base on feeling,step by step, change into another feeling,I think.
30 years later,they say same opinion,I hope.

Tabichan back to Japan はなまち - 2007/02/06(Tue) 13:49 No.90

It's very good to appear one of the good writer.

伊勢物語風  三谷眞紀 - 2007/02/03(Sat) 20:07 No.76

I am enjoying to read Mr.Yotaro's love story.
Why don't you write by yourself,Mr.Yotaro?
Because the boy felt in hopelessly love,didn't he?
(didn't he...? I'm not sure this words are correct or not!Mmm...I confused...)
I am looking forward to know the rest of the story...hold on,please!

Re: 伊勢物語風  与太郎 - 2007/02/03(Sat) 20:08 No.77

>> Why don't you write by yourself,Mr.Yotaro?
I can’t experience love until now. I associate with elegance lady after 60 years.
Accordingly I told that I haven’t my love story. But Mr. Hanamachi said that
You should be to write. So I said that I will write monotone my love story by French
but Mr.Hanamachi please translates to English.

But I'm busy therefore now I can't write.
I used to Marunouchi line. But Mr.Hanamachi's story is not me.
Re: 伊勢物語風  はなまち - 2007/02/03(Sat) 20:28 No.80

True or not, it is not important!
Re: 伊勢物語風  三谷眞紀 - 2007/02/03(Sat) 21:00 No.81

Brand-new BBS has opened before I know!That's great.
Mr.Hanamati,thanks a lot.
Help! はなまち - 2007/02/04(Sun) 22:33 No.86

Once upon a time!
It's only OSSAN's story, Please insert Madam's view point.
If you add some, the story must be improved a lot.

Ganmo and Hirousu はなまち - 2007/02/03(Sat) 23:24 No.82

Yesterday, I went to a Tofu shop in Isatan Kyoto.
I found "Ganmo" and "Hirousu".
In that shop, they sell only Hirousu, I believed.
But yesterday, I found Ganmo on the counter.
I remembered that Madam Mitani asked me to explain the difference between Ganmo and Hirousu.
I asked the saleslady what's the difference between Ganmo and Hirousu.
She explained there were no difference both of them.
They are same but we call this one "hirousu" and "Ganmo".
This "Hirousu" contained ginko nuts and lily's root, this is the difference.
I felt that the difference is only the shop owner's feeling.

すみません はなまち - 2007/02/03(Sat) 18:57 No.75



I closed an account in IOM  はなまち - 2007/02/03(Sat) 18:43 No.73

Yesterday, I got a statement from Jersey bank.
I found a credit written about 6 dollars.
I closed an account in IOM.
That bank doesn't want to maintain accounts of small money, so I closed that account.

Re: I closed an account in IOM  Kay - 2007/02/03(Sat) 18:55 No.74

Last month IOM has been consolidated to Jersey. No more Isle of Man account. Even my IOM account has been shifted to Jersey now. Recently they has introduced Premium Banking among the A. International customers. We were notified for better services and prompt response on phone banking. This afternoon I called them the new premium banking no. and it was true, just one ring, they picked up the phone and service was pretty good.

It' busy.  与太郎 - 2007/02/03(Sat) 18:36 No.60

I have plenty matters in office. And all matters
must keep legal time limit.

But I attain advanced age therefore my eyes
misted with work. I am in trouble.

Re: It' busy.  tabichan - 2007/02/03(Sat) 18:36 No.61

> I have plenty matters in office. And all matters
> must keep legal time limit.
> But I attain advanced age therefore my eyes
> misted with work. I am in trouble.

without dictionery,cannot understand deeply,but some problem happened,I guess.
take care,please.

Re: It' busy.  与太郎 - 2007/02/03(Sat) 18:37 No.62

> without dictionery,cannot understand deeply,but some problem happened,I guess.
> take care,please.

Excuce me I am poor hand English , I have to use
dictionaly therefore used difficult word.

Kay san said "brings smaile to me" that smart use,
but that sentence is never find dictionaly.

Re: It' busy.  はなまち - 2007/02/03(Sat) 18:37 No.63

> But I attain advanced age therefore my eyes
> misted with work. I am in trouble.

Isn't it serious disease?
Almost all men face the risk of cataract.(白内障)
Take care.
Re: It' busy.  Kay - 2007/02/03(Sat) 18:38 No.65

> Almost all men face the risk of cataract.(白内障)
> Take care.

I guess most of us as the years go by have some kinds of eye troubles. Most comom complain is blurred vision and irretable eyes. It is caused mainly by dry eyes. Just simple use of eye drops a few times a day will clear the problems. Do try eye drops. If the problem persists, then better go to see the doctor. I had recently full eye check up and all doctor said was "Beautiful" though i paid specialist fees!!!

Re: It' busy.  与太郎 - 2007/02/03(Sat) 18:42 No.70

> > Almost all men face the risk of cataract.(白内障)
> > Take care.
Thank you for your kindness.
I went to doctor of eye. And he said, you are
perfect, you feel thoroughly tired.
I am old enough therefore I will tell president
of company “I will retire”.
I said sometime to retire, but he refuse my offer. Near future I will offer again.
If success to retire, I try to seduction naked
Garman lady in Garman hot spring.

Let competition to tabichan.
Re: It' busy.  はなまち - 2007/02/03(Sat) 18:43 No.72

> perfect, you feel thoroughly tired.

I cannot believe what he said.
Yota-san is the most powerful man in the world, I think.
Doctors always say so!

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