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Today 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/05/29(Tue) 23:58 No.216 home   
I may provide a big chance for a young men.
I introduced him a man who is so called vip.
I believe he will fill the application form and sign a contract.
And I believe he will get a big business chance.

So, I'm very happy but envy his luck.

Re: Today - Kay 2007/05/31(Thu) 12:44 No.217
It is great to help someone for the betterment of his/her future life. You will get blessings in abundance. Good for you and good for the guy....

Re: Today - tabicyan 2007/06/29(Fri) 02:59 No.228
you got one step for the heaven,and it have about 20 steps.
how many steps you did finish?
hope before you will die,got 20 steps and angel will bless you and kiss you.

Re: Today - はなまち 2007/07/01(Sun) 23:34 No.229 home
After that time, he got some big chances to start his business.
Seldom person can get such a good situation.
I don’t have such a big power, only for his original lucky power.
His business plan is quite simple; there is no trick for his business.
It’s a reason to introduce a VIP.

Re: Today - tabicyann 2007/07/02(Mon) 20:50 No.231
anyway good will is blessed by god,so can meet angel in heaven who is so beautifull and wonderfull and cool,I think.
with nice angel,hanasan shall drink wine so much ,maybe.
never say SUKEBE russian words to her.
Its quite dangerous,be careful!!!!

Re: Today - はなまち 2007/07/02(Mon) 23:46 No.232 home
Sorry!I learned all the taboo Russian words from her.
She taught me a lot of good and bad Russian words.
Every time, at that bar, I'm usually terribly drunken.
Once upon a time, I was so drunken, she asked me "How do I say bitch?"
I replied, maybe.

I,retern,Japan 投稿者:yotarou 投稿日:2007/07/02(Mon) 00:57 No.230   

Today 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/06/01(Fri) 15:14 No.218 home   
I'm working in the field for preparing so called "Taue".
There are a lot of problems difficult to find solutions.
Try and go ahead.

Re: Today - tabicyan 2007/06/29(Fri) 02:57 No.227
problem always increase your tecnique,so try best and go ahead.

Now Stralsund 投稿者:yotarou 投稿日:2007/06/28(Thu) 05:04 No.223   
Stralsunt is north east Deutsch. Today rainy from morning to evening.
I went to Peenemunde wher star to England rocket of V-2.
But all of nothing. Very cold and strong wind.

Re: Now Stralsund - はなまち 2007/06/28(Thu) 08:43 No.224
So called V2 rocket, it's amazing!
Take care not to catch cold.

Re: Now Stralsund - Kay 2007/06/28(Thu) 12:32 No.225
I have been following weather forecast in Europe ever since I went for Northern Europe cruise. It looks like rain, rain, rain all Europe this week. Hope you can have a good weather in between while you are in Germany. Enjoy your holiday to Max!!!

Re: Now Stralsund - tabicyan 2007/06/29(Fri) 02:55 No.226
nice hearing from YOTAsan,why so cold in europe,I cannot undestood,but anyway can enjoy traveling beause of free from the jobs.
please enjoy as posible as you can.
god bless you.

Now Narita Airport 投稿者:yotarou 投稿日:2007/06/26(Tue) 17:54 No.220   
Now very hard security check ,liqui materiar do not parmit aerplain.
Usually I but nihonsyu and drink europa and retern airplain.

But althou nihonsyu I cannnot parmit in the aierplain.

I haet terolist.

Now bording time. Good bye my kind friend.

This computer not install woed therefor I do not spellcheck
please permit misspel.

Re: Now Narita Airport - yotarou 2007/06/26(Tue) 23:27 No.221
Now arrived Hong Kong. I tale mineral water by business class launge.
But 5minutes later depature. It is busy.
Bye Bye.

Re: Now Narita Airport - はなまち 2007/06/27(Wed) 15:53 No.222
I’m very glad to see your messages.
I guess you are now in the east of Germany, don’t you?
I hope your exciting travel report.

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