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The Purified supreme joy 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/05/26(Sat) 13:15 No.209 home   
The Purified supreme joy, which has a great history, is one of a great confectionary in Japan.
It is used for the ceremony in the Yasaka shrine, located in Gion Kyoto.
Yasaka’s divine is Susanoo, Amaterasu’s brother.
He is the symbol of men’s power, so people pray and ask for the guard in front of devils.
In the center of this confectionary, there is purified been paste contains several kinds of eastern aroma.
That aroma, Tabichan says it’s the best quality of love portion.
True or not, I don’t know.
Try to taste and feel the secret effect.
Pray Susanoo and imagine Gion’s party with Geiko and Maiko.

Re: The Purified supreme... - Kay 2007/05/26(Sat) 19:29 No.211
I will try on my dear husband tonight!!!!

Re: The Purified supreme... - tabicyan 2007/05/27(Sun) 06:21 No.212
after ofukai,did try it,yea so nice efficient and wonderful nigth,sure.
hanasann must try it.

Re: The Purified supreme... - はなまち 2007/05/28(Mon) 08:40 No.213

How about the Joy?
Dou you feel the effect?

Re: The Purified supreme... - Kay 2007/05/28(Mon) 12:43 No.214
Yes, it was effective though a bit delayed reaction!
Less said is better, I guess!

Re: The Purified supreme... - はなまち 2007/05/28(Mon) 23:29 No.215 home
Oh! Why are you so horney tonight, my dear?
You've really gotten Susano's power!
Hold me more tightly!

Back pain 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/05/16(Wed) 08:28 No.205   
This morning, I felt and feel the lower back pain.
It's terrible.
It was hard to put on my socks before I went out my house.

Re: Back pain - Kay 2007/05/16(Wed) 17:53 No.206
Poor you! I will massage you when I meet in Kyoto!

Re: Back pain - はなまち 2007/05/16(Wed) 22:53 No.207 home

Re: Back pain - Kay 2007/05/26(Sat) 10:30 No.208
Oh, I totally forgot about the massage!!!! Sorry.....

Next time, you come to Singapore or India..... It was great meeting you all.

Re: Back pain - はなまち 2007/05/26(Sat) 13:16 No.210 home
Thank you very much!
I've just explaied the Purified supreme joy.

Once upon a time, 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/05/08(Tue) 00:03 No.203 home   
there lived a stunning beauty woman in southern part of India.
She had a pair of excellent diamond earrings.
One day, she went to a party and met a very old friend.
He is one of friends during her stay of a high school.
He really liked her but couldn’t say anything.
Long, long later, he met her in a party.
And he got a chance to pour “sake” into her glass.

Please wait 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/05/07(Mon) 19:54 No.202   
next article.

Rakuda's blog, Oh! my god!

Today is the last 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/05/06(Sun) 15:16 No.201 home   
day of Golden week.
Many of them who visit frequently here go somewhere and be very busy.
They must be very happy, I guess.

I cannot work in the field today because of heavy rain.
So I've tried this boards settings for spammers.
It's bowling, only bowling for private site adminstrators.

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