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Good morning! 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/05/04(Fri) 10:02 No.200 home   
Beautiful day, it is!
Tabichan must be in Nepal, Kay-san is in India and Mary-san is in Toyama, and the bike man, I cannot guess.
Me? I’m, now, in Kyoto, local area.

This is test message because I've changed some setting for the spammers.

Bike man 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/05/02(Wed) 12:58 No.198   
Where is the bike man running along, now?
Yesterday, it was heavy raining, but he ran more than 600km.
He is quite tough, unbelievable.
This evening, we will meet and have a party.
I knew some excellent Izakayas, but some of them were closed because of owner’s age.
I’m, now, planning where to go.

Re: Bike man - はなまち 2007/05/02(Wed) 17:23 No.199
Let’s go to the welcome party for the famous bike man.
I cannot guess the condition in the downtown in Kyoto because of so called Rennkyuu.
I try to go to once certain Izakaya on the small path in Gion.
The atmosphere is quite at home.
Madam Nokonoko and Mke have just reported his information.

Is there no strategy in... 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/04/28(Sat) 17:23 No.193 home   
When the Russian Former President Yeltsin's funeral ceremony was held, Japanese government send
only the Ambassador.
Koizumi or Mori must have a lot of free time.

Re: Is there no strateg... - Kay 2007/04/28(Sat) 22:30 No.194
Yes, I agree. Who was very friendly with Yeltin? Mr. Hashimoto? Is he alive or dead....?
I think US sent Bill Clinton for funeral, at least give the ex head of states due regards and respect. Japan is very poor in this kind of matters and such situation, you can gain points!

Re: Is there no strateg... - はなまち 2007/04/28(Sat) 23:14 No.195 home
Hashimoto was died several years ago.
His way of politics was so old, and he lost all the power.
It must be a great shock for him.
He lost his life and died.

I cannot understand that Mr.Abe did apologize in U.S for the comfort women.
Everyone knows U.S army did during their reign in Japan.

Re: Is there no strateg... - Kay 2007/04/30(Mon) 22:02 No.196
I was surprised, too. As Mr, Abe was supposed to be firm on not apologizing any more....
Every war brings ugly part of men going after Comfort Women but the difference with Japanese Force was that it was organized by the Military itself, not by the soldiers or marines themselves. That is the main problem though I don't think it is their rights to demand compensation now as all the war compensation was long ago paid in full by the government to respective governments....

Re: Is there no strateg... - はなまち 2007/05/01(Tue) 00:17 No.197 home
We paid 5 billion dollars and 3 billion commodities to one certain country in 1965.
So we don't have any duty to pay or apolpgize more.

Bangkok Trip 投稿者:Kay 投稿日:2007/03/26(Mon) 12:59 No.177   
Hi, the trip to Bangkok was just wonderful after hectic days in Tokyo and Kobe, Japan.
My college time friend joined me at the hotel on 13th night, then everyday we tried various massage salons and spas while we were in Bangkok. In between, Soreyuke Mailing List members arrived at Bangkok and one of them was our junior in university, so he escorted us to the most expensive and elaborated restaurant in Bangkok one night. It was fantastic but the price, too was fantastic. Next day, we had with Carlos-san, Thai Suki, ie like Thai style shabushabu. It was nice and enjoyable evening. Last two days we spent at my old massage school, going over the massage course being a model(receivers). At the end I was interpreting for the Brazillian girl from UAE and checking on beginners about their methods. More like an instructor. Good fun it was. Nokonokosan and Yudai, too, we met and had dinner together. Wonderful time, we had.

Re: Bangkok Trip - はなまち 2007/03/27(Tue) 00:02 No.180
I've never been to Bankok, so I cannot guess the scenery of Bankok.
But I think real Thai food must be quite rich and delicious.
Yudai is great baby, I think.
He grow up enough to have his own face now.
His face is no longer baby's.
His mother should stop to upload his faces directly on her website because for his security.

Re: Bangkok Trip - Kay 2007/03/27(Tue) 19:11 No.182
Bangkok is fun place, of course it is no Europe but I like it....
I, too was concerned about photo of Yudai.... He looks like a little boy not a baby anymore. Soon he will go to kindergarten and his face should not be too well recognized. ..... For security reason, of course. You never know what kind of weirdos there in the world.

Re: Bangkok Trip - たびちゃん 2007/04/09(Mon) 19:27 No.185
hi madam kay,

you did enjoy so much in bangkok,i think,of course.
I also like bangkok so much ,first experience of bangkok is 37 years before,not so much building in town,and beside the road from airport ,many elephants are working for carrying heavy things.

after that many times visited there and collected art pictures in bangkok.have many friends in artist area,for example mr ancorn,who is national artist in thaikland-人間国宝。

near kings palace there is one art university and today many many students enjoying art,but old day onely 50 students in university which was estabished by italian guy.

anyway from end of this month, again will visit there with one university student girl and enjoy thai food and sigth seeing,if match the schedule ,meet the friends who live in bangkok.

and if have a time ,in one day ,will visit singapore and meet you.
hope see you in this trip !!!!!!!!


Re: Bangkok Trip - Kay 2007/04/26(Thu) 22:19 No.191
Tabichan, I am sorry , I did not check on this site and did not read your message.

I love Bangkok, it is like third home to me. One time I was really looking for the studio apartment in Bangkok. In my old age, I am thinking to spend about a few months a year there, some months in India and the rest travelling... Nice dream.... Not that hard to realize it though.

I was hoping to meet you in Singapore this time in May, but at present I have rescheduled my return to Singapore on 10th May. Do you think you will be passing through Singapore around then? My husband would love to meet you, too. If your trip is delayed somewhere, then you can pass through Singapore after 10th may? Otherwise, is it possible to meet in Kyoto or Osaka around 20th May? I should be in Osaka on 19th to meet my son's fiance's parents then my son and husband will go back to Singapore on 20th. I am free till 25th other than keeping my mother's mental peace as Hanamachisan put it. Can meet at Headskin san's bar....

Manila 投稿者:Kay 投稿日:2007/03/26(Mon) 13:02 No.178   
I will be going to Manila from 31st to 4th April. My husnband is going to Teach and audit training school in Manila from 28th and he has asked me to come along. After having good time in Thailand with my friend, I could not say NO. So here goes, I am off to Manila on 31st.But just after returning, I am off to India on 6th April. So I am in mad rush to do so many chores before leaving for Manila...... Never ending preparations and packing and unpacking....

Re: Manila - カルロス 2007/03/26(Mon) 23:39 No.179
If you have a vacant time in Philippine, I'd suggest going to Angeles City to meet cool guy-san.

He said that he manages some bar with Swedish near the US Clark Base.

Re: Manila - Kay 2007/03/27(Tue) 19:08 No.181
I have gone through the HP and it is more like for you Carlos-san, not for me....
It's more like Walking street of Pataya....

I doubt I have that kind of time to go to Angles City... unless someone takes us for a fun.
Most of the nights are booked by my husband's business connection dinners and drinks. Anyway I am going to do sightseeing during day.

Re: Manila - Kay 2007/04/26(Thu) 22:12 No.190
Sorry I have neglected this English site....

Oh, it seems ages ago when i visited Manila though it is not even one month ago...
It was nice trip, I met my high school class mate who was stationed in Manila as a head of JAL. After almost 40 years we met and had dinner together with my husband, just like old days.... Good fun it was. Did a bit of sightseeing to Correhidor island where so many Japanese died. I said prayers for them and came back.

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