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I cannot trip to vacatio... 投稿者:与太郎 (はなまち転記) 投稿日:2007/04/22(Sun) 10:20 No.187   
In may I can take 6days vacation. I have plan for south France “pont du gare”
bridge of old Roman for water.
I ask reservation but airline said that you have to 4 stay.
But this time reason of family I cannot 4stay.
Oh it is far chance first class upgrade!

Re: I cannot trip to vac... - はなまち 2007/04/22(Sun) 10:28 No.188 home
I don't know much about flight system but introduce a homepage.
That man is quite powerfull to go everywhere even if busy.

Re: I cannot trip to vac... - はなまち 2007/04/22(Sun) 13:23 No.189 home
I also have same problem, it is quite hard to find a solution.
Nowadays, it is quite hard to care for my father's mental peace.

Sorry for 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/04/07(Sat) 23:28 No.184   
not to be able to write for a long time!
This April, I was transferred from IF to 2 F in the same building.
But it is not same company, subsidiary, may be.
These two weeks were extremely busy for me.

Nowadays, 投稿者:はなまち 投稿日:2007/03/25(Sun) 17:01 No.174   
I cannot write on BBS because our office have a small network and allowed free access to the internet but one week ago, our network was swallowed a big network.
Our office is only a branch, so HQ ordered to be swallowed the big network.
So I lose a freedom to write something in the internet during daytime.
Administrator must check our access log, so I should protect myself.

Re: Nowadays - カルロス 2007/03/25(Sun) 21:30 No.175
>Administrator must check our access log

Recently many companies check employees' work behavior for security.
Will your office carry out stringent checks using for private as well as others?

Re: Nowadays, - はなまち 2007/03/25(Sun) 22:58 No.176
It’ a tragedy that our organization doesn’t have any ability to build our security check system by ourselves.
The administrative section’s members asked some famous computer software companies to build some systems. They believe such major computer software companies have a lot of solutions but to say the truth, it’s only in vain.
Such company’s salesmen are almost fraud. They always say as if they provide all kinds of solutions properly.

The English Barrier 投稿者:与太郎 投稿日:2007/03/18(Sun) 07:33 No.166   
Now I read “The English Barrier” by Mark Petersen. This book is very plain explanation for Japanese. But detailed explanation this book is very long sentence.
So I wrote digest by http://ameblo.jp/masyou/ at good speech Krinton former
President of America.
Please look into blog, if someone has interest.

Re: The English Barrier - はなまち 2007/03/18(Sun) 09:49 No.167
Thank you to introduce a book.
Sorry, I should go to 49 day's ceremony after the funeral.
I 'll read and write after the Jichikai's meeting.

Re: The English Barrier - はなまち 2007/03/18(Sun) 23:51 No.168
英語の壁 文春新書 326 (新書) マーク・ピーターセン (著)

Is this book,you recomended?

Re: The English Barrier - 与太郎 2007/03/19(Mon) 00:05 No.169
Yes, but this book I do not buy, I borrow.

Busy days in Tokyo 投稿者:Kay 投稿日:2007/03/10(Sat) 08:14 No.163   
My apology for not writing in this site for the last one week. Since my husban d and I came to Japan, almost everyday I have been having lunches and dinners with good friends of. Daily drinking and eating has taken its toll......forget about diet! I will do it once I return to Singapore or before that in Bangkok! Had various kinds of cuisine, Japanese, Italian, French, Chinese and last night was Thai food. Whatever the cuisine, standard of foods in Japan is very high, I must say. My husband is appearing for examination today and hope he will get through with flying colour! Then we will have drinks to celebrate it tonight. Tomorrow morning, we will proceed to Kobe and leave from Kansai Airport on 13th morning.

Re: Busy days in Tokyo - はなまち 2007/03/10(Sat) 14:28 No.164
Oh! Mr.Danna has hard days!
For me, examinations are always hard because I can't think only about examinations.
For example, during test time, I always think about Izakayas and beer or that lady.
And waste a lot of time...................

Re: Busy days in Tokyo - tabicyan 2007/03/16(Fri) 01:05 No.165
madam kay is enagestic so much!!!!
normally lady is more enagestic than men, especially in young age,for example 20 years old,everyday they do something and if not have schedule in their diary,disapointed.madam kay is so young mind ,I think.
mr hanamachi stay everyday in dream with drinking,also not bad for men,i think.
men like loose and dirty situation as me.
anyway enjoy bangkok!!!!!

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