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Not use special energy 投稿者:yotarou 投稿日:2007/11/23(Fri) 09:35 No.246   
 I find automatic translation software, and almost no collection English when I put Japanese carelessly. In fact, I use this software and write it as a substitute for a diary.
 Because it is such a thing, it is not necessary to have a reply for English exercise book and not use the special energy for riply.
This sentence use for collect only about 5 minutes.

Re: Not use special ener... - hanamachi 2007/11/23(Fri) 13:15 No.247
Thanks alot for your dairy articles!
This morning, I've got the Rakuten's Premium card.
So I should set up in the Rakuten's web site.

Re: Not use special ener... - yotarou 2007/11/23(Fri) 14:10 No.248
I order Rakuten's Premium card after retuen.
When I have that card,I would like to buy some goods.

winter morning 投稿者:yotarou 投稿日:2007/11/22(Thu) 15:52 No.245   
 Dead leaves were drifted a lot this morning on the way last night because a cold
wintry wind raged. It is comfortable to walk while I step on a dead leaf drifted
in this time, and making a sound fast.

It is cool morning 投稿者:yotarou 投稿日:2007/11/21(Wed) 09:13 No.244   
Because I became cold in the morning, a muffler, gloves came to want me to wear a vest.
I walk by quick steps, but I have a pain in the right foot and cannot walk as expected.

I feel sleepy. 投稿者:yotarou 投稿日:2007/07/13(Fri) 23:06 No.236   
I am very sleepy nowadays at work and in the commuter subway.
Even I take a nap when at rest time after lunch. When I do working time
I feel sleepy, as if I am put to torture. 

test 投稿者:hanamachi 投稿日:2007/07/12(Thu) 16:26 No.233   

Re: test - はなまち 2007/07/12(Thu) 23:10 No.234 home
It's so hard to remove all the Japanese words from this software.
I'm great sorry.

Re: test - yotarou 2007/07/13(Fri) 05:12 No.235
No problem. D'ont mind.

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